I can’t stress enough about how much help Body By Ryan Coaching has been to me. Ryan has been so much more than just a Meal Planning Coach. The constant support, encouragement, uplifting, and understanding that he has shown me, is priceless.
I was pretty down on myself when I first signed up with Ryan, because I had been plateauing for several months, and I just wasn’t getting anywhere with results. It came down to the fact that I was under-eating and my body was just stuck. Who would have known that you have to eat more to burn more!
Between February and May, I was fluctuating between 184lbs and 188lbs. When I signed up with Ryan in May I was at 188lbs, and I am now at 182lbs, which is the lowest I’ve been since I turned 18 years old. In working with Ryan, I have gained so much more confidence and have learned to self-motivate and not rely on others to motivate me and push me.
I have learned to focus more on flexible eating rather than focusing on if the food fits my calorie or macros goal for the day, and I have learned to love cardio through our weekly cardio goals. I could never thank Ryan enough.


What's that saying? It takes one month for you to notice? Well here's my one month!!! Down 7 pounds and still going. I can't believe the changes in my body because of the changes in my diet. My clothes don't cling to me anymore, I need a belt for my jeans, I have a ton of energy, and I feel amazing about the self-control and willpower I have. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm on my way. Thank you Ryan!!!!


100 lb Weight Loss!


Working with Ryan has been a life changer for me. I was sick of making excuses for my poor eating and exercise habits. I signed up with Ryan and 8 weeks later I am down 10 pounds and my energy levels have increased greatly.  It’s hard not to get down about yourself when you’re overweight, but Ryan’s enthusiasm, support, and positive energy kept me going. I feel better mentally and physically.

With Ryan’s program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. Ryan also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. He is extremely knowledgeable and is able to bring an individualized, one-on-one, element to weight management that is missing from other programs. Through Ryan’s program I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life.


I came to Ryan (Body by Ryan)  to start a healthier life style. It wasn't about weight loss but more about accepting the body that I have and to become stronger both mentally and physically. I was worried at first, going with an Online Coach, but it ended up working out very well for me and my personal life. Ryan was able to cater to my needs and worries. He offered excellent customer service and well thought out workout plans that worked for me and my busy schedule. 

Ryan's personality was also a plus, he would offer great conversation and his sense of humor would let you know that everything would be okay, even if you were struggling.  I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone who is looking to lose weight or become stronger both physically and mentally.
I am still on my fitness journey, but I have Ryan to thank for pushing me in the right direction. Thanks Ryan!! 



   I am beyond happy with the results I am getting with my workout program and nutrition guidance I received and learned from Body By Ryan Coaching. Ryan is a great coach and person. He is very knowledgeable and always there when you need help, a push or a word of motivation when you feel like giving up. As a commercial truck driver, I’m always on the road and it has been really hard for me to follow and be successful at any of my quick fix “Diets” that I have tried. It wasn’t until around November of 2018 that I said to myself, “Enough is enough”, and reached out to Ryan. He didn’t hesitate to get me going right away. I started this new lifestyle around mid December of 2018 at 233 lbs and wearing a size 38 pants. Today (3/10/2019), thanks to all the support, all the “yes you can do its” and great coaching by Ryan I am down to 208 lbs and a size 34 pants. I will recommend Ryan to anyone 1000%, you will not regret working with him. When you choose to do so, the only thing you have to lose is fat.


6 months ago I was in deep health/weight wise, thats when I met Ryan and my whole life turned around. This guy knows what he’s doing, its not a fad diet. In fact its not a diet at all its a lifestyle change, and once your able to flip that switch your life WILL change. I am living proof. 
I started out at 300 pounds and today I am at a very healthy 235 pounds. He customizes each plan to fit the clients specific needs which is great. His coaching, motivation, and guidance are second to none. He makes himself available for even the simplest things which is huge, whether you have questions about your plan or just struggling one day, Ryan is there because he cares about his clients.
You started off as my coach but now I can call him my FRIEND, Thank you Ryan for giving me the tools and motivation for getting my life back in order, couldn’t have done it without you.