Oh hey there.

This is the part where you’re like…alright…who is this freakin’ guy…and I’m like…let me blow you away with my love for pizza and my obsession with dessert.

A bit about me

Hi…I’m Ryan Kassim, your Online Health & Wellness Coach…but more importantly, I’m a guy from a small town in Connecticut, who loves his Momma, his cute dog, and plays guitar.

Oh yea, I’ve also been in the health and wellness industry for over six years, coached hundreds of clients, made appearances on NBC, and graduated from The University of Rhode Island with my B.S. in Health Promotion with a minor in Health Psychology.

My coaching can be described as a mix between chocolate & peanut butter, with a focus on helping you create a better relationship with food, and creating a better version of yourself.

I have a no bullsh*t approach, but I possess the kindness and understanding to help you navigate the chaos that may come with weight loss and weight gain.

Let’s end this “About Me” high school essay style:

In conclusion,

I love you.