Motivation Monday: Eye Opener

Today I was training one of my clients who is a very successful entrepreneur.


I often enjoy our sessions because he questions why we are doing something, what muscle is being worked, the details.


Not only that, but he questions my life.


How’s your business going? What are your goals? No, more specific.


What do you want to accomplish this year?


You want to make 100 grand? How? How many clients would you need? What are your price points?


You want to move to California? How much money are you going to need to move?


Left and right I was getting asked these questions…and I realized, I didn’t have an answer.


I have all theses affirmations, but no specific plan.  I am attracting these things everyday, but how do I plan on accomplishing all of these things.


These are questions that are so simple, yet, I’ve never been asked.


To me it was EYE OPENING.  I have the attitude, now I need the structure.  And this only comes with asking the simple, yet difficult questions.


I need to surround myself with those of like mindedness.  The big thinkers, the entrepreneurs, the one’s who take action.


The spark has been ignited..

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