Motivation Monday: How do you live?

You ever feel like you’re in a trance? That your life is on autopilot and you’re just the passenger?


Are you living your life for others? Or for yourself?


Lately, I feel like i’ve been out of touch. Not living my life for myself, but for others.


I would post what others would want to see.

Cater to the needs of others when clearly I needed to be catering to myself.


It’s funny, not like poop your pants funny, but funny that we can get off track so easily.


When you think about it, isn’t it a no brainer? Take care of yourself so that in return you can take care of others?


In no way shape or form, am I telling you to be a pretentious asshole.  I’m just saying, make sure you treat yourself first.


Do things that bring you peace, love, and moments of happiness.


Cut out the negative, and elmer glue some positive things in your life.


Live for you.  Only then can you bring others to live.


Enjoy your Monday, treat it like the gosh damn weekend.

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