How To Make Cottage Cheese Not Taste Like Sh*t

Let’s make cottage cheese not taste like sh*t with this 20 recipe e-book.


I arrived very late to the cottage cheese life. I remember years back, I was training my client Sandy and she talked about putting pineapple in her cottage cheese. I told her she was going to make me vomit just from the thought of cottage cheese.

Naturally, as the course of life goes, she challenged me, “Have you ever tried cottage cheese with pineapple?”. Obviously I hadn’t, so, the next day, I packed cottage cheese for lunch with pineapple…and like a bafoon…waited until dinner time to eat it without putting it in a fridge…nothing like having warm cottage cheese and pineapple.

I worked up the courage to try it again with honey and pineapple…and low and behold…magic happened…it was delicious.
Ever since then, cottage cheese has been a part of my staple diet.

It’s low in calories, high in protein, and you can make it savory or sweet.

At the beginning of January this year, I had no idea what to make for TikTok content, so I decided to film myself making my go to cottage cheese recipe, and I started off the video saying, “This is how I make cottage cheese not taste like sh*t”…and over 2 million views later…here we are.

I knew I wanted to make a recipe book and I knew just the right person to help me make it…my amazing chef sister, Licia.

I honestly wish I was just trying to build her up and trying to make her feel good, but she is honestly an amazing f*cking chef and she blows my mind with how much she challenges herself to get better each year.

This might be the first brother and sister cottage cheese recipe book and I am damn proud of what we made.

So…without further adieu…this is how you make cottage cheese not taste like sh*t.

*This book is an electronic PDF download*

*This recipe book contains 20 SWEET & SAVORY Cottage Cheese Recipes*

*This e-book is non-refundable*

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