Which Workout is Best?

Hello, once again, it is I, Ryan Kassim, your fitness and nutrition genie. Also known as the Pizza President or the Cannoli Connoisseur, whatever it is you wish to call me. Today, you and I are going on a magical carpet ride to find out which workout is “THE BEST”.

However, as always, I am going to be 100% honest with you. There will be no tricks, no magic lamps (I wish), no bullsh*t. So, now that you’re aware that you are going to get the complete and honest truth, it is time to get on our magic carpet and ride.

Which workout is best…

I could spend this whole article arguing that you should be doing: resistance training, cross fit, powerlifting, yoga, running, cleaning your toilet, etc.

However, that would not be the truth.

The truth is the BEST workout is the workout that you enjoy the most. I know, I know, you’re kind of pissed…but it’s true.

What if I told you the best workout is a 1 hour spin class. For some, this would be magical because they LOVE spin classes, for others, their worst nightmare…my worst nightmare.

And that’s exactly it. The best workout is the one that you enjoy. You are more likely to do AND repeat a workout if you love it, and less likely to if you hate it.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “This genie doesn’t know what the actual f*ck he is talking about, strength training has butt loads of benefits.” You are correct imaginary troll, strength training yields amazing benefits


And in my ideal, perfectly buoyant and delicious bubble, I would have everyone strength train at least 3x week, however, my bubble is not perfect, yet tis still delicious.

Yoh could have the perfect workout routine, for example: This perfect program guarantees you will become Zeus or Beyonce after completing it, yet, if you don’t follow the program because you don’t enjoy it or it doesn’t fit your schedule or lifestyle…then odds are you won’t be following it…which means it’s not actually perfect after all.

Every style of exercise has its own benefits. For instance, yoga is amazing for flexibility, balance, and core strength, however, it yields minimal benefit for muscular development and strength.

Compare that to strength training, which yields the most efficient benefits for muscular development and strength. BUT, if the goal is to become more flexible then you probably shouldn’t put all your eggs in the strength training basket and definitely look to invest in a yoga mat.

Which leads me to my next point…

Tailor your exercise to your goals!

If your goal is to “tone” aka build muscle, then it might be wise to tailor your workout routine to include 3-5 days of strength training.

If your goal is to run a marathon, then it might be wise to have a running program and sprinkle in 1-2 strength training workouts per week.

Your goals are the main driving force for your exercise routine.

So, now that I have finished rambling, what can you actually take away from this article?

  • There is no such thing as “best”
  • What’s best for you does not mean it is best for someone else
  • What’s best for you is what you enjoy, fits your lifestyle, and brings you closer to your goals
  • Your goals dictate your workout routine and your actions should bring you closer to your goals
  • Adherence is the king/queen. If you can stick to something consistently over time you win.
  • Aladdin animated was better than the Disney live action movie, possibly controversial, but I’m sticking to it, street rat.


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Your coach and nutrition/fitness genie,

Ry Ry

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